Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ProFILE - Leadership Retreat

Some of you may remember last year I wrote 4 times about ProFILE, a leadership training series we held. We were so happy with the results, as were the leaders who completed the program, and the churches they came from, that we decided to start again this year with a new group of leaders. We held the first retreat during Lent, so there was just a quick picture. But, like last year, I will tell the story for the second retreat (and the rest) through photos.

For all the activities we do, we divide the participants into groups. This is one of the groups (back to the camera) Cristina, to her left, Alba, Juan Esteban, Danna, Elisa, and Maribel. They are playing a game we made about the history of Martin Luther and the Reformation. All the participants were giving homework to prepare for the retreat, they had clearly done their homework and came very well prepared. 

Pastor Ata is leading the whole group. He was main presenter for the retreat. He lead about Lutheran Confessions and Doctrine. He did a very good job making a potentially dull topic (albeit important) very interactive and vibrant. Everyone participated, even our youngest participant, 13 year old (son of the women). 

One of the pieces of homework the participants were given after the last retreat was to replicate at least one part of the retreat in their own congregation. Here are some of the evaluations of the presentations (green leaves - areas to improve and colored fruit are the things they are already doing well) (In the middle with the hearts were put from some jokers in the group, also all affirmations). 

We also studied the Luther Rose, and its's meaning. Each participant decorated and designed a frame for their Luther Rose. Everyone participated in this activity, here is Ricardo with his frame. 

Here is the whole group. It is a good group, and will be a good year working with them! This retreat was in Bucaramanga in the Oriente (Eastern) Region. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Children's Retreat

One of the goals of the Education/Christian Formation Ministry is for each of the regions of IELCO to sponsor a retreat for the children. On Saturday we held the retreat for the Central Region, this also corresponded with the international day of the child. As we continue to prepare for the celebration of the 500 Years of the Reformation, the children learned about the Luther Rose, and its significance. 

Each child put together a Luther Rose on a little backpack as they learned about what each piece meant. 
Some of the children aging 3-4 just finishing up their bags
Here is more of the process of the bags, all the pieces of the rose were pre-cut so each child only had to assemble and let it dry. 
Of course there were lots of games! 
Playing a version of an egg rally, but with a ping pong ball so as not to waste any food. 
The group at the end of the day, as it was starting to rain, so some already ran to the bus! 
It was a great day, with a great group of kids, and an amazing group of adults there to make the whole thing happen! 

P.S. As we finish up our Home Assignment plans, if you would like a visit, and we haven't already scheduled one, please let us know! Looking forward to seeing (and meeting) many this summer.