Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ProFILE - Graduation of 2016!

This past November 5-7, we held the final retreat for the ProFILE (lay leadership training) class of 2016. The final weekend was about how to interpret the Bible and plan/lead Bible Studies (and different methodologies to use). Bible interpretation is the area of expertise of Pastor Atahualpa and methodologies is the area of expertise for Zulma....needless to say, it was a great weekend. 

ProFILE started in 2015 with group of lay leaders, it was so successful and well received that in 2016 we started again with another group of leaders. This program has quickly become on of the favorite parts of my work. I have been able to get to know leaders from churches all over the country. Also, in the participant's reviews of the program, we have read that it has also been a highlight for them. ProFILE has given them the opportunity to learn more about IELCO and the different congregations and people that make up the national church. 

Most of the group holding their graduation diplomas, they were a fun group.

Next year, rather than start again with a new group of leaders we are planning to reunite the classes from 2015 and 2016 and go deeper into leadership training with the whole group, as well as give them more responsibilities within their congregations and within their regions. 
Left to right: Zulma, me, Jenny, Juanes, and Pastor Atahualpa. (Photo credit: nearby bystander)
Juanes (in the picture above) came to ProFILE with his Mom (Jenny) for the first gathering, because he is too young to be left home alone. She promised us he wouldn't be a problem or a distraction (I was nervous). He was great. He always came to the retreats with all the homework done (more than we can say about some of the adults), always paid attention, participated, and took the training seriously. Juanes graduated ProFILE, our youngest participant yet, at only 13 years old.

Cake the group of participants gave us (as the leaders) to say 'Thank you". We were not expecting that - very sweet of them!
Way to go ProFILE, class of 2016! I very much look forward to next year and what ProFILE will bring!