Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What's Happening with ProFILE

During 2015 and 2016, you got used to seeing several posts about ProFILE - the leadership formation training we were doing. Don't worry, we haven't stopped! In 2017, we kicked off the year with a large training weekend with both the 2015 and 2016 groups. The groups were then given work to do in their regions to plan a mini-retreat. During September and October the retreats have been happening - with the last retreat happening this weekend.

It was a small group, but excellent leaders! The leaders who planned did a great job - I see a lot of potential with this new group of leaders. Photo credit, retreat center employee. 
Last week I went to Bucaramanga (Eastern Region) to accompany and support the leaders there as they led the retreat. It was so powerful to see the work that has been poured into these leaders coming into fruition. They were in charge of all aspects including finding a retreat center, inviting the leaders, and planning the material (using the material they had been given). 

Here a few of the pictures from the weekend. (As is my tradition from the other ProFILEs, pictures speak louder than words).
Activity lead by Zulma to introduce her opening theme. The group needed to pass the water, in their hands, to fill the pitcher.

Belky leading the group, Belky was a graduate of 2015 ProFILE. 

Maribel was also a graduate of ProFILE 2016, she made these gifts for each of the participants (I received a little bumblebee). 

Here I am with Marlon, from Piedecuesta, who is planning to start ProFILE in 2018. Photo credit, Zulma Ojeda. 

Since I was invited, they also asked me to lead a portion on Spiritual Gifts. Here is the activity to discuss that we all have spiritual gifts, and we are one body - complimenting each others gifts.