Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sara Lara, Coordinator of the National Human Rights Program

This photo is of a group of teenagers during the central region youth meeting. The activity was to introduce the topic of sexual and reproductive rights and to guide a reflection on the impact our decisions have on other people. The young people drew an animal that represented themselves, and then they exchanged the drawings, to continue with their own drawing on the work of their companion. In general, the youth were considerate and kind, discussing among themselves the aesthetics of the drawing, the reasons why they had chosen that figure and how they could be complemented. Although at first they were timid, they eventually established bonds that allowed them to trust in the work of their companions, and for me that is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. That adolescents can live in peace, have certainty about their well-being, awareness of their rights and love and respect for their neighbor, those are miracles that come from above and what, in this Lent, I wish for all generations, from the hand of our Comforter.

Photo and blog by Sara Lara, Coordinator of the National Human Rights Program