Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Leadership Retreat

I have written several times about ProFILE, the lay leadership training retreats we lead here. The is the third group to start the process (2015, 2016 and now 2018). ProFILE is now a very well recognized and respected training program within IELCO.

Last weekend we held the third retreat of four for the year. The weekend focused on how we interpret the Bible. The group wrestled with this topic for the weekend, but at the end, as they shared their highlights from the weekend, it was obvious that the weekend had had a big impact on them.

We played a "board" game, and one team member from each of the teams was the place marker. The game had questions about Lutheran doctrine to get everyone warmed up to the theme. Photo by Katie. 

Lots of small group work. Left to right Marleny, Airet, Laura Camila, and Maily. photo by Katie

More small group work - the group hard at work reading some very deep theological analyses about better understanding Biblical interpretation. Photo by Katie 

All of the participants have homework after every retreat. Here Lina (our youngest at just 14 years old) is sharing her homework with the group. Photo by Katie

The whole group debating about what it means that Jesus is the "Cannon of the Cannon" (he is the lens through which we read and understand the Bible). Photo by Katie

The whole group. As you can see we were in a beautiful place with gorgeous scenery. This is an incredible group of leaders within IELCO, a variety of ages, a  variety of life experiences, representing almost all the churches in IELCO.
Photo by Juan Sebastian Cruz, one of the participants (in the front row with the black and white scarf)