Friday, August 8, 2014

New Chapter

From Curtis: 

With tickets now in hand and bags (getting) packed, Katie and I can hardly wait for our arrival in Bogota, Colombia. This new chapter of our lives holds so many promising opportunities, challenges, frustrations, achievements, relationships, and so much more.

I am constantly thinking about the excitement of the new that everything will hold when we are first seeing, smelling, hearing, experiencing this new home. On arrival, all the buildings, homes, parks, gardens, will be brand new. I won't understand all of the meaning of all this newness being experienced. As days pass on, and familiarity starts to set in, however, all of the new things will start to gain meaning. Knowing how things fit together, how they work, as the exciting newness fades into a more comfortable familiarity, will push us to build our community, our network of family and friends amongst the brothers and sisters we are soon to meet.

Finding and adjusting ourselves into the rhythms of a different culture will be both challenging and rewarding. It will push us out of our comfort zones. It will help us find new meaning in practices we have grown accustomed to. The rhythms will help us gain more understanding of the humanity that we are a part of.

I am honored and thankful to have the opportunity to go to Colombia to join with brothers and sisters in their outstanding efforts to build peace out of their countries tragic recent history. I am honored and privileged that my wife will be standing by me, offering support, love, and encouragement to me, along with her own strength and skills to those Colombians lucky enough to know her. On Tuesday, August 12th, we are ready to flip the page over and begin this chapter.I hope our counterparts in Colombia are ready for us!