Thursday, February 25, 2016


Jenny and Cate are wonderful young women. After knowing me for awhile they told me after they had met me for the first time, they left and said, awe, that poor girl, she speaks so slowly. It was true, and extremely funny when they told me. I was learning Spanish at a very beginner level, and had to think very carefully about every word that I said, I did speak slowly. They (like so many others) have been so gracious, patient, and kind. I thoroughly enjoy them. When they asked me if I would help them with their English, I couldn't say no. Now, Thursday afternoons are a time I look forward to, always filled with joy and lots of laughing as we practice English. 

P.S. It is with lots of joy, I thank you for your prayers for rain, it rained today and yesterday. Very needed!

Jenny (blue glasses), me in the middle, and Cate (pink glasses), photo by Curtis