Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cries of Creation

The interconnections between the protection of human rights, the care of the environment, and the causes and consequences of poverty are strong and deep. 
  • Protecting human rights means attacking the root causes of poverty, as well as caring for the environment which sustains human life on the Earth.
  • Taking care of the environment means protecting the rights of the people that directly depend on it for their livelihoods, as well as confronting the poverty that always follows environmental destruction.
  • Alleviating poverty means to equitably and sustainably use the abundance of resources the Earth provides, as well as to defend the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized. 

The promotional poster for the video forum series.
This past Friday, the 15th of April, we began a video forum series called “Cries of Creation”. It is a series of documentaries that touch on various related subjects to the above. The goal of the forums, in addition to opening discussions on these issues, is to develop a research group together with the Lutheran School of Theology here in Colombia that will promote theological thinking on these issues. At the first forum there was a large number of youth and college age students committed to participating in the series. 

The group to start the series and to develop the research group (from the left; Jairo Jr., Liria, Curtis, Pastor Jairo, Marian, Mauricio, Caterin, Jenny, Javier, and Katie taking the photo).