Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Not for Sale

On Saturday, the Lutheran women of the central region, which includes Bogota, held a retreat "Human Beings Are Not For Sale". The theme came from the Lutheran World Federation in preparation of the 500 years of the reformation.

Group of the women, photo by Jorge Diaz, communication for IELCO
Throughout the whole day we talked about what was in our control, each one of us as individuals. We talked about the different ways humans (specifically women, because it was a women's retreat) can be sold, not only through trafficking, but also labor exploitation, domestic abuse, etc. It was a very deep and powerful retreat, with heavy conversations. It was also relevant to the Colombian experience where 40% of men feel that a woman's place is in the home caring for the family, women on average work 10 hours a week more than men and receive 20% less pay, and where a woman is killed every four days by her partner (Colombia Department of National Statistics). 

It was also positive, focusing on the differences we as individuals can make, we as Lutherans can make, and we as the church. At the end of the day we all made a commitment to do better. To not accept the current status quo, but to work to change it. To work on educating the current little ones about equality.
Closing activity, lifting our prayers and everything on our hearts to God. Holding hands in the way so everyone is being supported and supporting others.